My thoughts on the desert ? 

The desert is a wonderful place. I thought the desert was going to be all sand but, surprisingly it has a fair amount of animals and cacti as well as some birds. Another surprise was that it wasn’t as hot as I thought. It was about 75 degrees at high but, we where there when it was winter so that might’ve been why. Personally I really enjoyed it. We did lots of hikes and of course we saw lots of scat. Mostly what looked like some bobcat and bunny. My over all rating would be about four and a half out of 5. I would recommend it for all ages.

If I could spend as much time as I wanted to in the desert I would probably go ATVing on sand dunes or maybe do a longer hike with more cactus. When we were there we did lots of hikes and saw petroglyphs which are native Americans symbols that tell a story. I thought they where really cool. We also we went B.L.M camping. It is camping in the middle of NOWHERE. And me and my family really like it! – Maya Bonifer