Biking in Tahoe

(Post by Wyatt)

When we were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming we went to a ski resort that had biking trails for the summer. When we were there I had a blast riding up the gondola, and then riding back down on two or three different trails that I liked. After Jackson, we went to Park City, which had a similar thing, but the trail took 45 minutes to get down, had several hairpin turns on big drop-offs, but wasn’t groomed like Jackson’s with all the fun banks and jumps.

Three and a half months later, when we were in Lake Tahoe, we found a bike park, but you didn’t take the lift up the mountain and then ride down. Instead, you started at the top of a five foot hill and then rode down the track through a similar series of jumps and turns and then rode back up the small hill on a side track and did it again. These courses were only about 1 minute each, while the ones in Wyoming were about 8 minutes down. 

There were three different courses that I did in Lake Tahoe. On the first one, you rode down a small hill into a couple little jumps and then hit a straight-a-way. After, there was a series of bigger jumps that were my favorite. The trail continued on for a little bit, but when it ended you had to back up on a side trail that went slightly up which kind of stunk. One of the other trails was used for BMX races, so you went over a couple jumps and then turned around on a big bank. The best part about it is that you didn’t have to go up a big hill at the end. The last trail was a lot smaller and started and finished at the same spot. I didn’t like this one as much because it didn’t start at the top of a hill like the other two so you had to do a lot more peddling. overall though, I liked all of them, but the first one was my favorite.